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TALK Encounters is an award-winning event, film production and advertising creative studio.

Commercial creativity embraces all forms of business-focused creative disciplines while ignoring traditional boundaries and silo thinking between crafts.  It takes a media-agnostic approach and a commitment to finding the best solutions rather than using the same ones over and over again.

Our work spans all forms of creative disciplines, but at the end of the day, we only do one thing: we deliver results.

Positive endorsement is the most powerful media available.  This is especially true in today’s content-saturated world.  Audiences are no longer swayed by messaging; it takes coherence to create conversational capital.

We want people to have unique life-changing encounters, based on human values because this is how we change the world.  Share our common humanity by sending great messages that inspire.

We aim to create events that gather, reassemble people who have similar interests in making a better world, experiences which will last forever in their minds and build the next generation. 

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